2015 THEME: Meaningful Brands; Retelling the African Story

Who We Are

The Africa Brand Summit™ is a first-class congress of thought leaders drawn from diverse sectors to discuss issues around branding and sustainable development.

At ABS, as we like calling ourselves, we believe that Africa is the next economic “Growth Giant” and the challenges she faces can be solved through the collaboration of businesses, the public sector, governments and other stakeholders such as nonprofits, media and academia.

The summit seeks to connect and immerse the corporate, government, nonprofit, media and academia leaders in discussions around branding and sustainable development. The brain leaders share their experiences and provide insights that will shape the future of private-public partnerships and participation.

We believe strong branding principles used strategically and applied intentionally are more likely to sustainably solve the needs of our societies.

Our Vision

We envision changed, more fulfilled lives for the African people through sustainable African Brands.

Our Mission

We engage ourselves in offering a common platform for thought leaders from public and private sector to immerse in brand conversations, intellectual inquiry and innovative idea sharing on how branding can drive the future of development in Africa.

Our Agenda

We seek to pursue the following set of objectives:

  • Inspire conversations and idea sharing on the place of branding in driving sustainable development in Africa.
  • Offer relevant content that focuses on the convergence of branding and a sustainable development.
  • Provide networking opportunities for delegates and industry experts.
  • Cultivate collaborations, strategic partnerships and alliances with like-minded brand leaders.

Our Core Values

At ABS we are driven by:

  • Quest for Knowledge, Learning and Sharing
  • Appreciation of Diversity, Inclusiveness & Non-discrimination in its broadest sense
  • Professionalism, Dynamism & Expertise
  • Open-mindedness ,Sense of Humor & Love for Life
  • Inspiration to leave the world a better place than we found it.